Tickled Pink

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Pink Rocks! This is a picture of her larvae. They are the white, grub-like “C”s in the cells. She obviously found time to mate in all rain, get her butt back in the hive, and start laying eggs like crazy. … Continued

Bees at Disneyland

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Check it out – my mom surprised the kids with a short trip to Disneyland and I found bees! I couldn’t get a good shot to see if she had on Mickey ears, but she is in a beautiful section … Continued

Bees in Paradise

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We are visiting my mom in Arizona and it has been quite the vacation. We’ve been together for about 10 days and the kids are really wearing on each other. They can irritate each other faster than the speed of … Continued


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For those of you following the soap opera that is my hives, I checked on the bees today. We have BABIES!! Trey’s daughter, who is currently nameless, has larvae and lots of them! I snuck in the hive today in … Continued

A gross of beekeepers

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Along with 143 other beekeepers, I spent the only nice day for weeks hanging out with someone else’s bees! I went to the Massachusetts Beekeepers Association Annual Field Day. This was held in Deerfield at UMass Ag Center. One of … Continued

Bee in Flight

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Check this out – I found a fellow blogger (Growing with Science) who has a Bug of the Week. Bees are this week’s bug! Her video of a Carpenter Bee in flight is amazing. Go see: http://blog.growingwithscience.com/?p=229


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We have a new queen on the way! We are going to call her Pink since she is Red’s daughter. You can see the peanut shaped queen cell that was capped within the last week. We didn’t see Red or … Continued


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Yesterday I was reminded of a lesson I have struggled with my whole life and even more intensely since having my second child. Fairness is about giving everyone what they need, not about giving everyone the same. I struggle with … Continued

Bee City

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The skyline of our beehives just grew considerably. Two of the three hives tower above the deck railing and it is a happy sight. Hope’s hive is just moving along nicely. I move the first honey box off the top … Continued

The New Queen

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The new queen in our lucky hive should emerge sometime very soon. Normally it takes about 14 days from egg to queen so she should be ready any day now. This is one of the queen cells – there are … Continued

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