Landmine Detecting Bees

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I was just reading the BUZZ, a newsletter from Bee Culture Magazine and learned about bees being trained to find land mines. What an amazing idea. Since they fly rather than walk like sniffer dogs, they are not going to … Continued

The Coup

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I spent a fair amount of time just looking at the bees this weekend. After the storm, I thought it would be restoritive to see them as un-dinged. There is little in the yard that doesn’t still speak of the … Continued

Moopers and Layers

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Just a quick update on the girls. They weathered the hail storm but have been very quiet ever since. I am going to attribute this to the chilly damp weather. Red’s hive is mooping along. They are finally starting to … Continued


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Yesterday we had a micro burst hail storm. First the sky darkened. My daughter and I were out in the garden finishing up some planting and we noticed the bees were -all- going into their hives. This is generally a … Continued

New Tools

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I checked on all the hives on Friday using two new tools. I spoiled myself with a frame gripper. This is a fancy set of tongs that grip a frame so you can pick it up one handed. I should … Continued

Garden Guest

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I raked up some weeds and leaves this weekend and thought that there was a red beetle in the litter. To my shock and delight, it was this little guy! This is a baby snapping turtle. His mom has visited … Continued

Bee Whisperer

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The bee inspector just left and all is nearly right in the world again. I am not longer concerned with revolution in the blue hives. Hope’s hive, who had built out supercedure cells (normally associated with a coup), have taken … Continued

A Queenless Day

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Yesterday was the first day so far this spring that I did not see any of the three queens. Sigh. I did see very very tiny larvae in both Red and Hope’s hives – so they are doing their job … Continued

The birds and the bees

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Yeah…I mean the birds and bees, not honeybees. I was talking with a handful of moms who all have kids about my kids ages. One was relating a story about a teacher who was showing her class squirrels in the … Continued

One year…

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Today is my beekeeping anniversary. One year ago our first hive arrived, strapped together with screens covering the entrances. It was a bit scary to see just how many bees were sticking their legs thru that screen and the volume … Continued

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