Honey Tasting

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Interested in learning more about honey? I am offering a honey tasting at the Millbury Public Library on Thursday, April 24 at 6:30. We will learn how honey is made, how it is harvested, and taste a variety of honeys … Continued

Citizen Science

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It’s that time of year again where my email box starts showing signs of spring. Citizen Science projects that I’ve participated in previously are asking for my continued support and data collection. Citizen Science programs ask lay people to collect … Continued

February Update

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We had crazy weather this week. Sunday was nearly 60′ and all three hives had bees flying. They took time to do a cleansing flight and pee everywhere. I am still concerned about our weakest hive but so far so … Continued

Baking with honey

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I love to bake with honey. This was true even before I became a beekeeper. Honey keeps your baked goods soft and chewy longer than sugar. Here is a link to one of my favorite honey recipes. I am going … Continued

Do we have CCD?

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A question that we are often asked, is are we having a problem with Colony Collapse Disorder? The simple answer is no, CCD doesn’t usually affect hobbyist beekeepers. Nevertheless, there have been record losses of beehives in this area over … Continued

Varietal Honey

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How does a beekeeper harvest varietal honey?  Once again just like wine, when you have a varietal honey it is from a single source. That means that blueberry honey is harvested from blueberry flowers, orange blossom honey from orange blossoms, … Continued

Honey Terrior

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Eating most honey is just plain yummy but my mission is to turn you into honey connoisseurs! Honey, like wine, has terrior.  There are lots of formal definitions of this but really they mean it has a sense of place. … Continued

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