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We extracted honey over the weekend. There are lots of bears, glass jars and a few big jugs.  We love the  new extractor. It is shiny and works hard but is gentle to the wax on the frames.  I’ve had … Continued

New Toys

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We got a new extractor yesterday since our old one had a broken handle and often felt like it was going to shake apart on us. The new one from Maxant made right here in Massachusetts is a real thing … Continued

Record Losses

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This year is shaping up to be a record year of bee loss in this region. Many beekeepers have lost significant numbers of hives this winter and large numbers just in the last month. It may not be just here … Continued

Sign of spring

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I found this girl on my deck yesterday. It was a gorgeous day here in Massachusetts with temps in our yard just over 50′ and lots of sunshine. If you look carefully, on her hind leg what can we see … Continued

Snow Day

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Notice there are no dead bees at the entrance to this hive. If you look back two days on this blog you can see just how many bees there are inside those snazzy blue boxes. After any snow, you expect … Continued

Today is the day!!

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Bees don’t pee or poop inside their hives so when we have a long stretch of weather that keeps them inside, well, you can imagine the number of crossed legs!  Today it was over 50′ at 7 am so the … Continued


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The girls made it through the storm in tact. Sandy really blew hard and there were a lot of branches in our yard but most were very modest. A few larger trees did come down in the woods blocking paths … Continued

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