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My wonderful sweetheart and I donned our bee suits and checked on Joy’s girls Sunday. We have been concerned that our strongest hive going into winter just didn’t have that many bees flying in and out. So we checked on … Continued

Bees and beer

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The Worcester County Beekeepers Association held their Feb. meeting last week and decided on what they call a chefs supper. I call it a pot luck! And while many folks felt that this was not the best pot luck, there … Continued


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Saturday our whole family went to the Worcester County Beekeeper Association’s Thanksgiving Banquet. This was downright horrible year for most of us beekeepers and for most everyone in agriculture. Nevertheless, we were challenged to find something to be thankful for. … Continued

A gross of beekeepers

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Along with 143 other beekeepers, I spent the only nice day for weeks hanging out with someone else’s bees! I went to the Massachusetts Beekeepers Association Annual Field Day. This was held in Deerfield at UMass Ag Center. One of … Continued

Bee Whisperer

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The bee inspector just left and all is nearly right in the world again. I am not longer concerned with revolution in the blue hives. Hope’s hive, who had built out supercedure cells (normally associated with a coup), have taken … Continued