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We received our first first blue ribbon for Blue Hive Honey in New Hampshire this past weekend at the Hillsboro County Fair.  It was very exciting and took a lot of preparation. Normally fresh honey as tiny bubbles and may … Continued

Spence Fair

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I had a great time at the Spencer Fair this year. We got a second place ribbon and I was blown away by this. Our honey is the most competitive class of honey – amber. The exhibit was just too … Continued

Best in Show

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Our honey won not only a blue ribbon but BEST IN SHOW! Whooo hoo. Good job bees!! We had a great time volunteering at the Worcester County Beekeepers Association booth. We sold lots of honey, honey sticks and S had … Continued

Brownies for the fair

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After much experimenting and many emails from the talented Andrea, I think I’ve got it. I changed a few ingredients, but mostly changed the preparation of the brownies. They are really good. You can see they are dusted with cocoa … Continued

Honey Harvest

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I am just as busy these days and the girls are. I am preparing for the craft show for the Chain of Lights here in Millbury on December 6. I will have a table to sell honey, beeswax, hand cream … Continued

Beauty Contest

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The Spencer Fair, like all fairs, judge honey on looks. Yes, this is totally a beauty contest. The judges use a 100 point scale and 90 of the points are pretty much evaluating looks. Last year, my honey was a … Continued