Tasting Honey

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Learning to distinguish various flavors in honey – or really any food – takes some time and lots of sampling!  We had a packed house at the most recent Honey Tasting in Brookline, NH  at the Brookline Public Library.  Thanks … Continued

Honey harvesting

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I am always amazed at the difference between summer and fall honey. This is all we have left of our summer honey on the right and the darker, bolder fall honey is on the left. It was a slim harvest … Continued

Varietal Honey

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How does a beekeeper harvest varietal honey?  Once again just like wine, when you have a varietal honey it is from a single source. That means that blueberry honey is harvested from blueberry flowers, orange blossom honey from orange blossoms, … Continued

Honey Terrior

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Eating most honey is just plain yummy but my mission is to turn you into honey connoisseurs! Honey, like wine, has terrior.  There are lots of formal definitions of this but really they mean it has a sense of place. … Continued

Honey Bottling

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We do! We bottled the last of this year’s honey and we have about 25 lbs for sale (in 1 lb Papa Bear plastic bottles). If you are interested, just let us know. The honey is a rich red amber … Continued

Care and feeding of honey

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I’ve had a few folks ask me about crystallized honey. Crystallized honey is perfectly safe to eat and hasn’t gone bad. Honey contains so little water that it can crystallize over time. Here are three things you can do with … Continued