Sign of spring

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I found this girl on my deck yesterday. It was a gorgeous day here in Massachusetts with temps in our yard just over 50′ and lots of sunshine. If you look carefully, on her hind leg what can we see … Continued

Pollen! Part 2

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Today was a spectacular bee day. The girls were flying like it was the middle of summer – busy as, well bees. I popped out just to get my fix of watching them and I was rewarded with loads of … Continued


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I took a quick look at the girls today – just a howdy-do. I didn’t open the hives because it is still pretty chilly – only about 40′. I wasn’t expecting much in the way of activity. Joy and Sun’s … Continued

Hive Update

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I went to a monthly beekeepers meeting on Saturday and have been in a stew ever since. The number of people reporting dead hives from this spring was quite high. It had been a while since I had checked the … Continued

The girls are flying!

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I got buzzed around noon today and thought it might be a stray girl, but I just checked and there are LOTS of bees out and about from all three hives. It was a bit concerning that Joy’s hive, my … Continued