The birds and the bees

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Yeah…I mean the birds and bees, not honeybees. I was talking with a handful of moms who all have kids about my kids ages. One was relating a story about a teacher who was showing her class squirrels in the … Continued

One year…

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Today is my beekeeping anniversary. One year ago our first hive arrived, strapped together with screens covering the entrances. It was a bit scary to see just how many bees were sticking their legs thru that screen and the volume … Continued

Lucky Hive

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A couple of weeks ago at the April meeting of the Worcester County Beekeeper’s Association, I won a hive. I won the entire hive down to the bees. The donor of the hive and bees is George O’Neil of Autumn … Continued

A New Hope

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We named our new queen, who has a green spot, Hope. And she was aptly named – she’s brought hope back to me as a beekeeper. As some of you know, my first 11 months of beekeeping were tumultuous at … Continued

Beautiful Bees

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I checked my hives on Thursday to see if the new queen had been released. She had not so I broke open her cage so she could start her new life. The bees responded beautifully to her but they wouldn’t … Continued

Bees by the Pound

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We put five pounds of bees in one of our hives this weekend. It went extremely well. The bees came in a small box with screen on four sides. There was a tin can with sugar water at the opening … Continued

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