Tasting Honey

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Learning to distinguish various flavors in honey – or really any food – takes some time and lots of sampling!  We had a packed house at the most recent Honey Tasting in Brookline, NH  at the Brookline Public Library.  Thanks … Continued

Moving Bees

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Moving the bees from Massachusetts was quite the undertaking, especially since we had only a single hive. First we needed the bees inspected from the Massachusetts Apiary Inspector. We got a good report – the bees were healthy and our … Continued

The good things about FaceBook

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My lovely friend Kristin Graffeo took this photo and it remains one of my very favorite pictures of me. We had 11 Girl Scouts visiting the apiary that day (thank you again parents for that level of trust!) It was … Continued

99 bulbs revisited

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The 99 bulbs finally came up and bloomed. It was really fun to see the hard work in the fall show up so colorfully many months later. In the past, I had always tried to plant just pink and white … Continued

Beekeepers in Winter

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Without being able to see my girls in the cold weather, I have to content myself with other ways to think about bees. This past weekend I attended NOFA – Northeast Organic Farming Association at Worcester State University. The event … Continued

Christmas Bees

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It is unusually warm here on Christmas day so I though it would be an excellent time to visit the bees and see what they were up to. I also planned to drop off a Christmas gift. I snuck in … Continued

Honey harvesting

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I am always amazed at the difference between summer and fall honey. This is all we have left of our summer honey on the right and the darker, bolder fall honey is on the left. It was a slim harvest … Continued

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